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Born from a passion for taking unloved, solid pieces of vintage furniture and restyling them so they can be cherished for many more years to come, I founded Vintucy.  I use various techniques, from paint blending to stencils, and from decoupage to transfersto create sustainable, statement pieces for any home.  With a background in natural (biological and earth) sciences, but a keen artistic streak too, I love exploring in particular the blue-green colour palette in my creations.  I like to consider each piece carefully, allowing age, form and function to lead my designs, each time providing a unique, one-off result.  I sway from delicate florals to funky retro patterns and everything in between, keeping my ideas fresh and making sure my style is constantly evolving.  I am also happy to work with clients to create bespoke commissioned pieces, either specifically sourced for them or restored from their own collection.

Lucy x